Take Me On by Katie McGarry


I think I've gotten to the point where I think Katie McGarry can do no wrong. I just flat-out love her books. There hasn't been a single one that I didn't really enjoy. They may not be the most thought provoking books, but they are sexy, well-written, dramatic and incredibly funny. I am a strong believer that books don't have to be pretentious and critically acclaimed to be magnificent. And Take Me On is another example of that fact.

Take Me On is a dual narrative story, like all Katie McGarry books, that follows the intersecting lives of Haley and West. Haley is a high school senior, barely surviving. Her father lost his job a year ago, and after they lost their home and just about everything else, Haley and her family are now living in their verbally abusive uncle's house. Not only that, but Haley has given up kickboxing for good, the one thing she truly loved doing.

And then there is West. Trouble making, deeply flawed and incredibly self-hating West Young, of the famously wealthy Young family. When he gets into a fight, the final straw, and is expelled from school, his father kicks him out on the street. There he runs, almost literally, into Haley.

He needs something to wrangle in his emotions and Haley needs something to kick start hers. They meet. They clash. They fall in love.

Take Me On just reinforced my love of contemporary romances by Katie McGarry. I keep on expecting one of her books to be a disappointment, but none of them have been yet. To write four books that are all good and give me nothing to complain about--that's pretty rare.

I enjoyed the slow burn of West and Haley's relationship, and I also love that the author doesn't always make the female the virgin. She makes the guy the virgin. It's refreshing. It seems like almost every young adult contemporary novel focuses on a female character falling in love for the first time and losing her virginity. But Katie McGarry understands that that isn't always the case, and there's nothing wrong with a guy waiting for the right person to have sex with.

Take Me On was a solid continuation of the Pushing the Limits series, which I will be so very sad when it comes to an end.

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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