A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall


A Little Something Different was unlike any book I have ever read. It was original and witty and so freakin' adorable.

Lea and Gabe are meant to be. That is what everyone thinks. But for some reason, these two crazy kids can't seem to get past their issues and insecurities and make a move. They stare, they stalk, they love from afar. But whenever they meet, it's a bunch of bumbling and awkward pauses. But everyone, from their bus driver to their best friends, know they should be together. Will they ever tell each other how they feel?

This novel was everything I could want in a YA contemporary romance. It was fluffy and hilarious and so cute. And it was filled with more nerdy pop culture references than I could count--but I enjoyed every one of them. Sandy Hall's writing was practically impeccable, and the switching of narrative wasn't at all confusing--which was something I was very worried about. Usually I'm not a fan of stories with dual narratives because more often than not, the author's voice doesn't differentiate between characters; it feels like the same person talking. But A Little Something Different kicked that tendency in the ass and then threw it on the ground to kick it some more. Each voice was distinct and unique; not once was I confused or bored.

I loved both Lea and Gabe as characters, but I have to admit that I liked Gabe more. He was just portrayed so well. He was the protagonist with the most issues to work through and he was written so genuinely. I spent most of the book wishing I could reach into the book and hug him. His problems were sincere and realistic and the way his mannerisms were described gave me such an incredibly clear image of him. Kudos to Sandy Hall, again.

However, I do not understand why the title is what is it. Is it referring to the narrative style? Or is it referring to how they got together? That it was different than what would happen in "real life"? I'm not sure. But I love the book nonetheless.

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