To All the Boys I've Love Before by Jenny Han


I read a lot of YA. In fact, it's basically all I read. And I'm 22. So technically, I'm not a young adult anymore, but usually that doesn't matter because YA is awesome and I have zero qualms about only reading it; I ignore the haters. But every once and a while I read a YA book that feels too young for me. At the beginning of this novel, I was afraid that To All the Boys I've Loved Before would feel like that for me. But I am so incredibly happy that I read past the first 50 pages. Because this books was fun, fluffy and heart-breaking. And I am desperate for the sequel.

Lara Jean is a high school junior that has never had a boyfriend. But she's loved many boys from afar. And in loving them from afar, she has written each one of them a love letter; a letter that she would never send, but instead keep in a hat box in her closet. A letter to her first kiss, to her church camp crush, and to Josh, her sister's boyfriend. But these letters were never meant to be seen by anyone but herself--until her father takes the box to Goodwill and they get sent out.

Now, Lara Jean has to face the all the boys she's loved, starting with Peter Kavinsky, her first first kiss. In order make their loves jealous and avoid the awkwardness that loving Josh creates with her sister, Peter and Lara Jean strike up a contract to pretend to date. But soon, Lara Jean begins to fall in love Peter, actually fall in love. Not from afar, not protecting her heart. But does he feel the same? And as all this begins to happen with Peter, it seems as though Josh might have always had feelings for her too.

The best thing about this novel was that for the longest time, I couldn't choose who I wanted her to fall in love with. I loved both Peter and Josh. They were both incredible, but different. Peter was snarky and a little cocky, but had a good heart. And Josh was kind and smart, and a little taboo because he had dated Margot. However, if you should know anything about me, it's that in love triangles, I ALWAYS choose the boy that the protagonist falls in love with during the story, not the boy she loved or was friends with before the novel began. So Peter definitely pulled ahead in the end.

The writing, however, definitely wasn't the reason why I liked this novel. It was a little immature for me. Definitely not top notch. But when I really love the plot of a book, I can easily look past the writing. It's a gift, really.

After finishing this book, I only have this to say: GIVE ME THE SEQUEL!!!!!!!!! I need to know how this all pans out. Okay, actually I have a second thing to say: TEAM PETER, ALL THE WAY!

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