My Life With the Walter Boys by Ali Novak


Though this plot sounds disturbingly similar to Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys, one of my favorite fluffy YA reads, it isn't a copy. It was a simple, fun read.

Jackie has lost her whole family in a car accident, and now she must move from New York City to Colorado and live with the Walter family--an old friend of her mother's. But not only is she leaving the only home she's ever known and attending a public school for the first time in her life, she's moving into a house of twelve boys. And they don't seem very happy to have her around.

As Jackie adjusts to the changes and tries to cope with the loss of her family, two of the Walter boys begin to show interest in her. There's Alex, the charming nerd, and Cole, the swoon worthy playboy that caught Jackie's interest from the very beginning. Now she must decide if she's willing to take a risk with her heart, even if it means coming between two brothers.

This book was average. Nothing to complain about, but it wasn't very life changing. It was a quick, fun read, and I will definitely read the sequel; but it doesn't make it onto my Top Reads of 2014.

Jackie was a relatable character, and her relationships with all of the Walter boys was fun to watch as they progressed and strengthened. I liked that the author took time to show her interact with all of them, instead of just focusing on a couple of the brothers. Each one of them were unique in their own way, and hilarious in their own way.

If you are bored and have some time to spare, I would check it out. But don't move it up too high on your to-read shelf.

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