Stolen by Lucy Christopher


I don't even know how I can find the words to write this review, but I will say this: this book broke my heart. It was confusing and fucked-up and soul destroying. It was magnificent.

Gemma is stolen. In public, from a Bangkok airport, and taken to the Australian desert. Ty is a seemingly normal guy, but he's been following Gemma for years, watching her from a distance, loving her from afar. And now he expects her to love him back. Written as letter to her captor, Gemma explains the events that occurred in this desert; the fear, the heat, the struggle of a victim. And the complicated emotions that began to brew inside her, feelings that unbelievably drifted towards love.

This book is mind-fuck. That's how I would describe this novel in a sentence. It fucked my brain. The first 50 pages I was completely terrified for Gemma. To be drugged and stolen by a stranger in a public place is unbelievably terrifying. I had no idea how this could turn into a book where I could be sympathetic towards Ty. He kidnapped her--you just can't get past that. But somehow, like Gemma, I forgave him a little bit. And it's fucking nuts, but it's true.

Ty was broken and obviously needed psychological help, but he was strong and caring and honestly thought he was helping Gemma in some way. He thought that getting her away from the chaos and fakeness and anger of the city was what she needed. He thought they were the same person, that they needed each other--but not in a creepy, serial killer way, in a concerned lover way. And I couldn't help but feel compassion for him; he wormed his way into my heart. It was completely ridiculous but absolutely true.

The only thing I didn't like so much about this novel--the reason essentially why it's getting four stars instead of five--were the painting scenes. Sometimes they felt really forced; they weren't realistic. I don't think someone would get so creepily attached to painting the land to show the girl he loved/kidnapped that she should be with him. The scenes were pretty beautiful, but awkward to me.

The writing was impeccable, though. So genuine and beautiful.

I don't know if I will ever be able to read this book again, but it was truly unique and I think everyone in the world--especially people who think YA is full of crap authors/stories--should read it. It was worth every tear and shiver.

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