Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally


I hate to be one of the few that didn't enjoy this book, but for me it was full of cliched characters and nonessential, weird poems.

Jordan is a female quarterback, who's focused on graduating and getting a scholarship to Alabama to play ball. Football is all she's ever loved and been good at, and though her mother and brother are supportive, her Pro-athlete father is less than thrilled. But her best friend, Henry has always stuck up for her and that seems to make up for it.

When it seems that everything in her life is headed in the right direction, a new kid, Ty, shows up and is after her quarterback position. The biggest problem though? Jordan is instantly attracted to him; and he's attracted to her too. Now she must decide whether or not she wants to take a chance with her heart. Even if it means she could lose focus on her dream.

God, this book was a mess. The writing was mediocre at best, the character's were all vapid and slut-shaming and story jumped all over the place with no real direction. And even though I'm not the biggest football fan, I know a lot about the sport--but this book wasn't a sports book. It was about a cliche tomboy who happened to play football.

I couldn't connect with Jordan at all. In the first sentences of the book, she's described as a girl who only cares about football and nothing else. But literally five pages later, when she sees the love interest for the first time, she becomes obsessed with getting a boyfriend and her first kiss and her first time. She literally sleeps with him after knowing him for about 10.3 seconds--which is fine if you want to do that--but as someone who was slut-shaming everyone else for having sex, it didn't make sense.

The writing as a whole was...okay. It wasn't poor, exactly. It just wasn't natural. The characters just screamed out emotions and explanations that a normal person would keep to themselves. And the chapter titles were all lowercase which annoyed me. But the worst part were the poems. Jordan writes in a journal, and really loves it to the point where she says she wants to major in Creative Writing in college, but the poems that pop in the book are dumb. And terrible. I expected this to be more than a romance; I thought it would discuss the uniqueness and importance of females in male-oriented sports. But no. It was just terribly written fluff.

I did like Henry, though. He was a very swoon-worthy guy.

I was really disappointed by the book because I expected so much more. I've read all these amazing reviews from my Goodreads friends, but I found myself rolling my eyes and scoffing every ten pages. So yeah. If her other books are anything like this one, I think I'm gonna have to pass.

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