I Was Here by Gayle Forman


A touching, realistic story of a girl drowning in her grief, looking for answers no one has.

Cody is lost when her best friend Meg commits suicide. She never knew anything was wrong. And getting back to her normal life seems impossible when Meg was the person Cody planned her future around. But when Cody travels to Tacoma to pick up Meg's things, she discovers that Cody wasn't the only one left in the dark. So much of Meg's life is foreign to Cody; her roommates, her sudden cleanliness, and a boy with unbelievably blue eyes.

And Cody is even more confused when she discovers encrypted files on Meg's computer, clues about her death. Things that may prove that ending her life wasn't Meg's decision. That maybe she had some help.

This book was pretty darn good. The writing was almost perfect, which is to be expected from Gayle Forman, the characters were heart-felt and true, and the plot progressed seamlessly and with immense elegance. It was obvious that Gayle Forman has known grief in her life, because it was incredible. Either that, or her writing is even better than I thought.

I am desperately in love with Cody. She's probably one of the best characters I've read in 2015 so far. She was painfully real. Seriously. She was true of heart and not just broken, but shattered into a million pieces. She lost her other half, her better half, and she's completely lost without her, full of regret for all the things she never said and some of the things she did. It was hard to read about, but unbelievably satisfying. Beautifully written.

The only thing that threw me off about the book was the plot itself. Honestly, I did not expect it to go in the direction that it did. From the description of the book, I thought Meg would have a secret, but nothing like the secret she actually had. And it's not a bad thing, per se, it just wasn't was I was expecting. It was a weird turn of events, that's for sure.

Honestly, this might be my favorite Gayle Forman yet. I was one of the few that didn't slobber over If I Stay, but I am slobbering hardcore over this one. Everyone should read it.

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