Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books


1. Witty Banter. I love relationships that are built on commonalities, and one in particular, is their witty banter. If they can't joke with each other, then what is the point? Life can't always be taken seriously, and when the romance is too angst-y, it sometimes gets annoying.

2. Slow Building Romances. There's nothing better than tension when it comes to romance. And I love slow-building romances, when they actually get to know each other before they claim that they can't be without each other--and even before they have their first kiss.

3. Pretend-Love. Almost nothing gets me more excited than when two people pretend to be in love, for whatever reason (usually to make their exes jealous), and then they actually fall in love. It gets me all giggly, and makes me want to scream, "why can't you realize that you love each other?!?!" really loudly. To All The Boys I've Loved Before is a perfect example.

4. Anything but Perfect. I love it when things don't happen magically, but awkwardly or abnormally. Like their first kiss is actually kind of terrible, with a lot of nose bumping and weird noises. Or their first time isn't on a bed of roses or under the stars, but in a twin-sized bed, and it hurts, but it's exactly what they need--Jellicoe Road, I'm talking about you.

5. Love Triangles. I feel like I am one of the few people in the world that loves love triangles. There's always one that I'm rooting for, and it gives me insurmountable pleasure when she/he chooses the one I want.


1. Date, break-up, date. I'm not a huge fan of romances where the couple gets together right away, and then they break-up three-fourths of the way through the book, and get back together right before the novel ends.

2. Instalove. There's nothing more unrealistic than instalove. I can understand falling in love quickly (two months), and instant attraction, but when the protagonist sets eyes on the love interest and it literally takes a week before they are proclaiming their love, it's stupid and impossible.

3. Wishy-washy Female Protagonists. I don't like it when the female is a hard ass one second, and a damsel in distress the next. Pick a personality, already. And also, I don't like it when the person is too one or the other; like she's too head-strong to accept any help even though she's drowning--Caged in Winter--or can't do anything but be spineless--The Perfect Game.

4. Pushing Away for Protection. GRRRRRR! There is almost nothing I hate more than when the love interest pushes away to protect the one they love. Excuse me, but, if you want to protect someone, shouldn't you stay around to, ya know, PROTECT THEM!

5. When the Couple Doesn't End Up Together. Seriously? I'm reading the book, probably because of the romance, and they aren't even going to end up together? That's the worst. Two Perfect Examples: Love and Other Perishable Items and The Spectacular Now.

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  1. Pretend-love is totally my jam too!! Also hate hate hate pushing away for someone's own good and when couples don't end up together! Like what is even the point of that???


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