All Lined Up by Cara Carmack


A fun story about a girl who's sick of being tied down and the boy who lets her be herself.

Dallas's life has always been control by her father and surrounded by football. But now that she's at college, she finally has the chance to distance herself from it. That is, until she runs into Carson, the second-string quarterback. She finds herself inexplicably draw to him, even though it means risking her heart and jeopardizing her relationship with her father; and for Carson, his chance to play on the team.

This book was good! I've read a nice amount of New Adult; it's a genre that I really enjoy actually. I think it's fun and sexy and often heart-breaking. And while All Lined Up wasn't as dramatic as a lot of them are, I think it fit the other two aspects. But was it the best New Adult ever and will I fangirl over it for months to come? Unfortunately, no. It was just an average NA story for me. Which is a little too bad, because I went in with really high hopes after all the great things I've read about it from my Goodreads friends.

I liked both Carson and Dallas, but neither of them were really magnificent. Even Stella, who is the best friend/comic relief wasn't really all that interesting. The author tried hard to create character with depth, and I applaud her for that, but most of the time they felt really one dimensional to me. And many of the issues in this novel were their own damn fault; it had nothing to do with circumstances. Which happens, I know, but it was so obvious that if they were a little less self-centered, they wouldn't have so much drama.

The writing was fine, with nothing really to complain about--but nothing really to compliment either. Carmack used a few too many exclamation points for my taste, but hey, that's just me.

It might sound like I'm ragging on this but I actually enjoyed it. It's quick and interesting and I was hooked from the first chapter. But in the end, I think this was an amusing New Adult novel, and I'm probably going to check out the others in this series, but it's not high on my NA recommendations list.

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