The Crossover by Kwame Alexander


Josh and his twin bother Jordan, or JB, live and breathe basketball. They've been trained by their father to play the game, and to play the game well. It's what binds the three of them together. But it's not always all fun and games. His brother begins to ignore him for a girl, Josh starts to feel alone and left out, and his father is having heart issues that are scaring his mother.

When Josh's life begins to fall apart, basketball is the only thing he has to lean on. But even that might not be enough to stop his world from changing forever. This novel, written in verse, will break and lift your heart over and over again.


The plot of this novel was so unbelievably sturdy. It flowed through every page, and never once was there a scene that didn't fit or felt unnecessary. It was fantastic. The transitions from moment to moment, between characters and scenery, all flowed immensely well. But best of all, the story felt real. It wasn't far-fetched or unrealistic. It was truthful and heartbreaking. And it was sadder than I thought it was going to be; truly tragic.


It was spectacular to read a novel from the point of view of Josh, or Filthy McNasty. He's a smart, hard-working boy who loves his family just as much as he loves basketball. Because to him, they are two in the same. Basketball isn't just a sport where he can shine, a sport that he's fantastic at, it's the biggest connection he has with his Dad and his brother. And when he feels that connection slipping from his grasp, he's afraid. Terrified. And it was incredibly heartbreaking to read his struggle. He's absolutely unforgettable.


I don't read a lot of verse novels, but compared to the other ones I have read, The Crossover is by far my favorite. It's interesting and funny and changes between fluid verse and rhyming, sliding, gliding, poetry/rap. It was awesome. So fantastic and unique.

This novel absolutely deserved every award it recieved, and I can't wait to read it again some day.

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