99 Days by Katie Cotugno


An incredibly good novel about a girl and her confused heart, that will have you hooked from page one.

When Molly comes home from boarding school, where she spent her senior year, hiding from all the drama and name-calling she left behind, it's instantly clear that everyone still remembers--and isn't willing to forget. So she plans to hide away from it all, and avoid talking to anyone. But soon she has a new job, right in the thick of it all, and Gabe, the boy she had the mistake with, is fighting for her attention again.

But Patrick is always in the back of her mind. Patrick, the boy she's loved since she even knew what the word meant; Patrick, who is still hates her for breaking his heart and his trust. And Patrick, who doesn't seem to be able to let her go either. The more Molly feels herself falling for Gabe, and the more her life becomes normal again with her friends, the more Patrick begins to rule her thoughts. Will Molly make the same mistake as before, or finally learn to let go?

This book was so damn good, I'm practically speechless! The whole novel was graceful and captivating and holy moly good. I had heard a lot of good things, but still. None of it prepared me for this heart breaking, tension building story. The plot had such fluidity, with every scene and paragraph written with purpose. And, it included it's flashbacks in seamlessly. I really liked that they were just a part of the narrative--not specifically brought out and highlighted. I love the uncertainty, too. I had an idea of how the story was going to end, but it didn't happen the way I thought it would, and I was pleasantly surprised--and devastated. But in a good way.

I really liked Molly, which again, I wasn't expecting. I have very little tolerance for cheating; I think it's pretty abhorrent, actually. But I was absolutely sympathetic to her plight. Everyone hated her, and continued to treat the boys for the situation like heart-broken puppies. Uh, it takes two to cheat! But she was strong, even when she felt like she didn't have any strength left in her. I really loved Gabe, as well. He was smart and kind and funny--and it was so adorable that he had always had a thing for Molly growing up. It was Patrick that I liked the least, and that stemmed from the fact that he repeatedly called her a whore, even though he had technically dumped her when she slept with his brother. I'm not saying that was she did was acceptable, but everyone was at fault, and only Molly was victimized. Terrible, typical sexism.

The relationships were endlessly amusing and terrible. They were one big whirlpool of heartache and love. It was a disaster and a joy to read about. They all loved each other and they all were mad at each other. But in the end, I wanted Gabe and Molly to be together. They had made a mistake, getting together before they should have, but they were almost perfect together. But Molly and Patrick had so much history, it was adorable. Honestly, even though it was kind of a love triangle, it didn't feel like it--which I realize is weird. It was just a case of infidelity. So don't avoid the book for that reason.

The writing was pretty good! Like I said before, I loved the way the memories/flashbacks were integrated into the story--without making a big deal out of them. It felt like real life--how you can be doing something that reminds you of something else, and you think about it. It was very interesting. However, some of her sentences were a little awkwardly phrased. But I believe it was more personal preference than the sentences being incorrect.

After finishing this, I'm just really excited to read more from Katie Cotugno!

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