My Budding Interest in Graphic Novels and Comics

For whatever reason, I've really gotten into graphic novels and comics lately. I've been a collector of books for a long time, but comics--that's new for me. Now, I've suddenly found these comic series and graphic novels that have me hooked. I still don't love them as much as books; I'd rather read bound pages full of words than bound pages full of images. But it's a new, exciting adventure for me to find something different to collect and buy and read and love. But here are some of the graphic novels and comics I've gotten hooked on recently, and I highly recommend that you them check out.

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1 comment:

  1. My husband is the one who's into the comics in our house. I am trying to read more graphic novels though. I have a weekly feature where I review a comic or graphic novel at my blog.

    Saga is the only one of these that I've read but I love it! It's so freaking weird! Amazing! I'll have to check out the others that you mentioned.

    Cayt @ Vicarious Caytastrophe


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