Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout


While this wasn't my favorite Jennifer L. Armentrout novel, it was still an entertaining, captivating story packed with interesting characters and undeniable tension.

Alex is a half-blood--half Hematoi and half mortal--and has lived for the last three years on the run with her mother, with no clue as to why they left the Covenant. The Covenant is the school, and a protected place, where Alex was training to be a Sentinel, fighter of the daimons, protector of their kind. But when Alex's mother is killed by a daimon, Alex must find a way to retrain and catch up on the time she missed, so she won't have to become a servant to the pure-bloods.

What she doesn't expect in her training is Aiden St. Delphi, the sexy, serious Sentinel that Alex has always had a small crush on. Neither of them can deny attraction they have for each other, but there's just one problem: he's a pure-blood. Unions between half-bloods and pure-bloods are forbidden, and would result in the complete destruction of Alex's dream of being a Sentinel. But something new is happening in their world, more dangerous than they could have ever imagined, and Alex may be the key to their survival.

I'm gonna start this review with stating what everyone else has said in their reviews: this plot, especially the beginning, is very similar to Vampire Academy. But I can overlook that, because I liked the beginning of Vampire Academy. Anyway, this is a better version of that because it's Jennifer L. Armentrout. She's a badass, and this book was just another example of her awesomeness. It was fluffy and amusing, albeit a little predictable. But I read it in a day, both because it's short, and because I wanted to find out what was going to happen next with the characters. I wanted to know what extra twists were going to be thrown in, and some I saw coming, some I didn't. Most importantly, every moment in this novel made me react, whether negatively or positively, and that's what I want in a book. I want a book that makes me feel something, and this book was definitely one that fit that pretty damn well.

I loved Alex. She reminded me a lot of Katy from the Lux series, but she was sparky and fun and impulsive. Her grief over her mother seemed relatively natural with her character development, though a little bit cheesy--but I am very picky when it comes to grief in books as, I think, most people who have experienced it are. And Aiden was the typical Armentrout/Paranormal Fantasy swoony love interest. Silent, brooding, undeniably sexy. But Aiden had a little more sternness and less snark, which I liked.

I ship Alex and Aiden so damn hard. But also, I like the idea of Seth and Alex. I'd like to see how the story progresses, and see if it becomes a love triangle, or if she switches from Aiden to Seth. Honestly, I think I would be fine with either one--but I am a sucker for "meant to be" lovers, which sounds like Seth and Alex. But who knows. All I know is that I want to read the next books because I want to know how the romance pans out--the plot being less important to me. And I have no shame for that.

The writing is Jennifer L. Armentrout. Which means it's relatively simple, with out a lot of fluff or metaphor, but it's not terrible. It's just straight forward. Where she shines is her dialogue, and it was on point.

So while I did like this book, I want more from the sequels. I want to be wowed--which this book did not do.

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