I've been meaning to read this book for years, but now that the sequel is officially upon us, I am going to do it. I've heard wonderful things, and I'm super excited.

I read the description to this book and knew immediately that I needed to read it. It's either going to ruin my life or make me feel complete--and I honestly don't care which one happens.

I've gotten sooooooo addicted to the Covenant series in the last few days, and I can't wait to read this sister series when I'm done. But I've been too afraid to even read the description so I don't spoil anything for myself.

This novel is going to be the perfect mix of romance and heartache, and that's exactly what I love to read--especially during the summer.

Another book that I've been meaning to get to for a long time and haven't. I've heard so many incredible things, and it sounds like such a interesting plot.

This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime novel, so groundbreaking and wonderful. I just know it. I don't think my heart is ready.

Another serious/fluffy contemporary romance that I've been wanting to read since it came out.

I read the 90 page preview on Netgalley before this was released, and I was hooked. But I still haven't gotten around to the actual book yet, and I plan to this summer.

I really enjoyed the Part 1, but I'm terrified of reading Part 2 because I'm sure that none of my questions are going to be answered until Part 3. And I'm still kinda mad that it was split up in the first place.

This novel sounds incredible and tragic, and I am very excited to get my hands on it.

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  1. I'm reading Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls at the moment, and so far it is fantastic. I love your choices, I hope you enjoy them!
    My TTT

  2. A Darker Shade of Magic and Every Last Word are on my Goodreads TBR but I'm not sure if I'll get to either of them this summer. I did my summer TBR a few weeks ago, so I chose to do a list of my favourite fictional villains this week (random I know, but it's what I felt like).
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/top-ten-tuesday-9/

  3. I should probably read The Diviners since I really love Libba Bray's other books. Great list!

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