Top Ten Tuesday: April 19th


This book is hilarious. Laugh out loud, can't-read-because-your-eyes-are-watering, stomach cramps hilarious. The banter between Cade and Finn was witty and magnificent. It was natural, but obviously well thought out.

This whole novel is hysterical, but there is one scene in particular that causes me to have tears streaming down my face every time I reread this: the fight. If you do not know what I am talking about, you are seriously missing out.

Bo Burnham is an absurdly funny comedian, and his collection of poetry is wonderful. A perfect combination of heartbreak and hilarity.

This may be one of the strangest books I've ever read, and I mean that as a compliment. And while it can get kooky and confusing sometimes, the laughs are always consistent.

I listened to the audiobook at work one time and it was a huge mistake because I had to literally clamp my hand over my mouth so I wouldn't burst out laughing. The dialogue, the delivery, the repartee--spotless execution.

This book is a perfect combination of science and humor. I read it as a recommendation from my old co-worker, and as I was reading it, we would randomly shout the best/funniest quotes of the book at each other. And we did that multiple times throughout the days I read it. So you know it's funny.

One word: sarcasm. Actually, two: sarcastic bastards. Katy and Daemon are sarcastic bastards to each other, and it is so magnificently hilarious.

I read this in high school, and there would be times where we'd silently read during the class period. And I would always laugh out loud first, and people would look up from their books and look at me like I was a weirdo. Then literally thirty second later, they would all laugh too. The character and the voice are both just so funny.

I always thought Oscar Wilde was one of those individuals that douche-y hipsters would quote to sound intelligent. And then I read Oscar Wilde--and fell in love. He has a way of twisting the classes and turning them into ridiculous fools, and it is delightful and delightfully funny.

Jace and Simon. Oh my god, these two are so hilarious, both with each other and on their own. And so are the rest of the characters. Cassandra Clare has such a way of writing comedy that is so natural and so sassy. I love it, and her, to death.

Any other hilarious novels? Let me know!

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  1. I wasn't terribly interested in Illuminae before seeing it on so many TTT lists today! Now I'm looking at it :) My TTT


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