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Okay, I love swimming. I really do. I never did it competitively, but I love the action of it. The sport of it. So imagine a book about a swimmer who's done everything she can in her power to succeed and excel to the Olympics, but watches it all fall away. Her life and future just disappear in the blink of an eye. Now she has to start anew, and actually live in the "normal" world with the rest of us nobodies. I simply cannot wait to dive into this (no pun intended). I just know the voice is going to be incredible, and that is why I read stories.
Lou Brown is one of the fastest swimmers in the county. She’s not boasting, she really is. So things are looking pretty rosy the day of the Olympic time-trials. With her best mate Hannah by her side, Lou lines up by the edge of the pool, snaps her goggles on and bends into her dive...Everything rests on this race. It’s Lou’s thing...or it was. She comes dead last and to top it all off Hannah sails through leaving a totally broken Lou behind.

Starting again is never easy, particularly when you’re the odd-one out in a family of insanely beautiful people and a school full of social groups way too intimidating to join. Where do you go from here? Finding a new thing turns out to be the biggest challenge Lou’s ever faced and opens up a whole new world of underwater somersaults, crazy talent shows, bitchy girls and a great big load of awkward boy chat.

Lou Brown guides us through the utter humiliation of failure with honesty, sass and a keen sense of the ridiculous. This girl will not be beaten.

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  1. This book is new to me! Thanks for sharing!
    (New Goodreads Follower)

    Have a wonderful week! Dani @ Paulette’s Papers

    1. I'm so happy to put this on your radar! I'm sure we'll be communicating on Goodreads in not time. Have a great week as well!


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