April: Monthly Wrap Up! (And Looking Ahead at May)


The month of April was pretty busy for me. Work was insanely busy--and I enjoyed every moment of it, I went to a couple publishing/networking events, and I read as much as I could (which wasn't as much as I wanted). I don't know what it is, but this year I haven't been able to gobble up as many books as I wanted to or thought I would.

This has caused me to juggle my Yearly Reading Challenge. I started off the year wanting to read 120 books, and then I moved it down to 100, but today I moved it up to 110. I want to read as many books as I can, but I also don't want to force myself to read if I'm not in the mood. And I want to have time to spend with my squad--which is basically me and seven of my co-workers--who go out and have a couple (sometimes too many) drinks and fight over which Dumbledore is better (Michael Gambon, FTW).

Nevertheless, I read seven books in April, and here they are:

The Killer in Me: This was a highly anticipated book of 2016 for me, and it seriously did not disappoint. I read in a day and a half, and fangirled at everyone for the next week. ★★★★
Girl in the Blue Coat: I had a wonderful discussion with my mentor about this book and that made me like it even more. But on it's own, it was a great novel with a wonderfully engaging main character. ★★★★
Booked: Another incredible verse novel by Kwame Alexander. If you haven't read this or The Crossover, change that immediately. ★★★★
The Last Boy and Girl in the World: A little bit of high hopes that fell flat, here. It was still pretty great, but the ending felt so rushed and it tried to force me to believe things that were unbelievable. ★★★★
Walk The Edge: I am a HUGE Katie McGarry fan--she's an automatic buy author for me. But I didn't love this book as much as some of her others. Still sexy and captivating, but a little slow and not quite as memorable. ★★★★
Exit, Pursued by a Bear: This was so...everything. I can barely form words when I think about it. It's so ineffable and ineffably beautiful. It's such an important story. ★★★★
The Winner's Kiss: A great finale, but I didn't love it as much as I loved The Winner's Crime (which is insane, considering all the swoons in this series ender, but nevertheless, it's true). ★★★★

So I had a pretty damn good month! All the books were rounded up or down to four stars. I just wish I had read more, of course. But what I discovered as I was counting up the books, is that each book was published by a different publisher! How weird and awesome is that? I seriously did not plan that, but I am not complaining.

My Favorite Read:

My Least Favorite Read (Unfortunately):

I also bought a crap-load of books--which I do every month. I have a problem; except, not really, because I don't think its a problem. Here are the books I collected this month:

They are divided into three stacks depending on how I got them. The lowest stack, with Raymie Nightingale on top, are the books I purchased at full price. The upside-down stack in the top right corner are the books I purchased used or remainder (Thank you, Book Outlet for existing). And the final stack with Alice and the Fly on top, are the books I either snagged or bought from work. All together there are 26 books! That's both awesome and crazy, depending on who you ask.

So that's the end of my Monthly Wrap up. I might do more on next's month, but for now, I'll leave it all with this depressing picture:

YEESCH, that's not great. But I know I'm going to kick ass in May, considering all the amazing books that are coming out.

These are most of my most anticipated books of May. And excuse me that there are a billion, approximately:

There are eighteen here, and that's not even all of them! There are at least fifteen more. It's going to be a wonderful and expensive month. I will probably give up friends and TV and food and just read until I pass out.

So let me know what you are excited to read this month or the best book you read in April! No matter how high my TBR stacks, I am always looking for more.

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