Waiting on Wednesday: May 4th


I live for grief fiction. As someone who has lived--and still lives--those emotions, I need to see them accurately portrayed in fiction. They shouldn't exist to give a character more "character" or a better backstory. It's not an interesting personality trait. It's real and honest and painful. So I read as many grief fiction novels I can and will throw shade if I see any of that crap. I have hopes that this book will be wonderful and wonderfully portrayed, because the description has given me heart eyes.

Grief can sometimes feel like being caught in the jaws of a great white shark.

J.C., who goes by the nickname Sharky, has been having a hard time ever since his best friend died in front of him in what might or might not have been an accident. Shell-shocked, Sharky spends countless hours holed up in his room, obsessively watching documentaries about sharks and climate change—and texting his dead friend.

Hoping a change of location will help, Sharky’s mom sends him to visit his dad on a remote island in Canada. There, Sharky meets a girl who just may show him how to live—and love—again.

What are you excited to read? Let me know!

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