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I'm a little behind on my reviews because, ya know, life. So in my attempt to catch up, I'm wrangling up most of the last books I've read and doing short, angry reviews. Why are they angry? Because they were novels that I anticipated loving. Instead, I looked like this when I finished them:

That gif is even more relevant when I talk about the bullshit that was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. But seriously. Books, why do you do this to me when I do nothing but love you and spend way too much money on you? Out of the last ten books I've read, I've rated two stars to six of them. SIX. Whatever the reason, I'm not super happy about that. But, I'll stop dragging it out and get to it. Ugh. Here are the books:

What was the point of this story? To be completely unrealistic and misleading? Because if so, bravo. Nailed it. But I'm pretty sure that wasn't the point. It was described as a murder mystery from the point of view of a girl who lost her best friend--a friend she had recently grown apart from. It was not that. It was about selfish, law-breaking, money-stealing murderers who had a creepy obsession with one another. Cool? It only got two stars because the first half was mostly entertaining and followed through with the plot description.


I'm going to pretend like this book doesn't exist, because 90% of it was so OOC that I couldn't believe this garbage was meant to be a continuation for our beloved characters. It had a few shining moments: like no matter what timeline they were in, Ron and Hermione were meant to be together even if they actually weren't. But most of it was unoriginal and just plain wrong. Anyone who compares this to fanfiction is insulting fanficiton.

Weird Relationship #2. Well, I guess, the awful relationship in this book was between a boy and a girl who were in love, to make it not so matchy-matchy. Creepy and disturbing in an intriguing way, but still not good. And I predicted the plot twist after six pages. LITERALLY SIX PAGES. Jeez. I give up.

Relatively normal relationships. YAY! But still nay, because it has a two star rating. I really wanted to like this book so much more than I actually did. It took me a long time to get into it, and even after that, I never really wanted to read it. I think Aaron was a wonderful character and there was an interesting plot twist that I didn't see coming, but the rest of it was disappointing and supremely unsatisfying, with shockingly bleak ending. Also, the characters said "No Homo" about a thousand times and it made me want to scream.

What was up with the sudden onslaught of books about terrible relationships? This had some lesbian love cheating and I was just not digging it. It seemed so forced. But the real thing that pushed me to give this two stars was the random, overly dramatic explosion. Yes, explosion. It's book about fangirls, and there was a fucking explosion. Come on, people.

The writing of this novel was spectacular. The rest of it......yeah. It's full of unlikable, abusive, coked-out, sad people and I just couldn't handle it. The main character treated herself like crap and the ending was so unsatisfying. For a moment, it looked like Tess was going to make a positive step forward, but in the end, she just continued to fuck up.

I have no words. Actually, scratch that. I always have words. But needless to say, I'm a little depressed by my recent reads. I need a win, dammit! But I'll keep trekking, and hopefully soon I will find another novel that gives me heart eyes.

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