Top Ten Tuesday: August 30th


So this is a Back to School Feebie for TTT this week. And what is more related to school than boarding school?! I'm weird, I know. Anywoo, I am a huge fan of boarding school novels. I can't explain why; that's like trying to explain to a fangirl that fictional characters are fictional (the feels are real). Who knows if I would actually like it if I attended one myself, but I just like the idea of boarding schools.

Here are some of my favorite boarding school novels:

I mean, who doesn't love basdass, female teenage spies? I know I do. This series is full of fluff and female empowerment: two of my favorite things. Cammie is a strong, relatable character and her friendships save the damn country.

This, and another novel listed in this TTT, is one of the books I would consider my favorite book. I read it ten years ago this summer. It was the first book that made me reevaluate the world around me once I finished; the first that made me feel like I would never be the same. It's full of wonderful characters, heart-achingly beautiful prose, and snark for days. If you haven't read this, not only am I shocked, but I think you should go out and buy it right now. Seriously. Go.

I have to admit, I was initially drawn to this because of the cover. I mean, it's so raw and awesome. But from the prologue, I was hooked. Ryan Dean West is an embarrassing, relatable, kind jerk and he is on my list of favorite characters of all time. And uniquely, the second book in this series is even better. It's a damn miracle.

This is a quiet, strong novel about quiet, strong boys. It's a story you don't forget, a feeling you don't forget upon finishing it. It's story of friendship, something more or something less. A book that isn't completely understood, but stands the test of time.

Andrea Portes officially became one of my favorite authors after I finished this book. She writes teenagers more accurately than most authors could even dream to. In this novel, she battles the fight of friendship, fitting in, and wealth classes with such elegance and relatability. The narrator, Willa, is so lost and sarcastic and honestly, I don't think I've ever related to a character more.

Come on, this was a given. It practically goes without saying. But I'm gonna say it anyway. Not only did I grow up with this series, but it's a series that holds up, that is loved my people of all ages and backgrounds, that is funny, heart wrenching, and just damn magical. And P.S. I love these new covers. Of course I have nostalgia for the originals, but these are so fun and gorgeous.

This is the second novel I consider my favorite book. I can't even describe how important it is for me; how happy it makes me; how sad it makes me; just how completely whole it makes me feel. It is uniquely magnificent, with dual stories that dance together in majestic harmony. It also has the best book boyfriend and one of my OTPs. Jonah Griggs has my heart and he refuses to let it go--not that I would ever want him to.

This is the ultimate YA romance novel. It has it all: awesome friends, a sexy British boy, sarcasm, movie references, and Paris. Cue the swoons. But it's more than just a romance. It's about a girl who is trying to find herself and happens to find love on the way.

To be honest, I haven't finished this series yet. I'M AWFUL, I KNOW! But I plan to. And in the meantime, the first three books are marvelous and swoon-tastic. Jennifer L. Armentrout has this ability to make me laugh, scream and swoon all at the same time, and this series is the epitome of those emotions.

Hey, I know what you are thinking, but Military Academies are still boarding schools, alright? And this book is unforgettable. It was a classic case of "Goodreads made me buy it" but it was totally worth it. This is a story of resiliency and determination and female empowerment. It's a must read for all women, old and young. And it has a cute romance to boot.

What are your favorite boarding school novels? I know it's an addiction, but I'm always looking for recommendations. I live to read.

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  1. Reading the Gallagher Girls books at some point is high on my must-read list. Also, I adore Anna, so reading Lola and Isla's adventures have been on my mind lately. :)

    1. I definitely recommend the Gallagher Girls (obviously). It's fun and amusing. And Anna is by far my favorite in the series, but the other two are still really good. :)


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