Cover Revamps...Thoughts?


Okay, okay. As much as we don't want to admit to it, we all judge a book by its cover. It can make or break a book; it's done that for me personally. But we also hate change like we hate waking up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp that hurts so bad you'd rather physically chop off your leg than have to deal with it (I hope that's not just me). We like things the way they are, more often than not. So cover changes have the ability to divide people right down the middle. Some hate them, some love them.

Here are some of the reasons why I'm not always a fan of cover revamps:

After the first book in a series, they change the theme, therefore the hardcover collection doesn't match...

A lot of them are done at random times and unnecessarily. See below.

Why? The first cover was better. Like, seriously why? Especially because the sequel was released in the style of the first one (cheers to that). I mean, we get to see this gorgeous girl's face up close and personal, but I love the pink and geometric overlay of the original.

Have you ever found a movie cover that you liked? Because I honestly don't think I have. I understand their purpose, but seriously, I'd rather you stuck a REMOVABLE sticker to the original cover and call it good.

But despite my intense feelings, there are several cover changes that I like a lot. More than the originals. So below I decided to list and talk about the cover changes I loved. *heart eyes*

I haven't read this book--though I own it and plan to #storyofmylife. I'm also putting it off because I haven't liked Emery Lord's other novels. But I digress. While the original hardcover cover is fine, it simply cannot compare to the paperback edition. I am swooning.

I love the original cover. I do. It is so quintessentially 2010. It has a special place in my heart. But the rebooted covers are just better. Simple, elegant, beautiful, fun. And oh so colorful. Like most people in this world, I love series that change color with each book. Adorable.

Comparatively, I don't like covers that have people on them vs. minimalistic images and letters. But sometimes, I just LOVE them. Like this book. It just gets me for some reason.

Now, I have no love for the original cover. Except this: I almost bought the hardcover because I wanted to read it so badly, but decided against it once I saw that the paperback edition was going to be gorgeous. So that's a nice memory. But the nicest part of that memory is where I don't buy it because of this cover. #judgingabookbyitscover

THANK GOD THIS CHANGED. The paperback cover is GORGEOUS and the hardcover is...ya know...not.

The original covers are pretty cool. I really like them. But when I saw these new editions...BLAHHHHHHHHHH. MY EYES ARE BLEEEDING FROM THE BEAUTY. I am in love with them, even though I cannot say the same for the story inside.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. And nerdily (is that a word?) relevant to the plot themselves.

So yeah. I like cover changes--I do. But for the most part, they have to fit a particular rule: hardcover to paperback and not in a series. Simple. However, it may be pretentious of me, but I love having the original cover, being someone who has loved it from the beginning, to be a hipster about it. I like them to be pure in that way.

How do you feel about cover changes? Nay or yay? Let me know!

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