Top Ten Tuesday: March 21st


I have to admit, I do this a lot. I have almost zero self control when it comes two things: buying books and reading books. I will buy and buy until my bookshelves are bowing and I will read and read until my eyeballs are red and it's three hours until I have to wake up for work. Sometimes it's because I'm desperate to see what happens; sometimes I'm just desperate to get it over with. Either way, I love doing it. So here are the last ten books I read in one sitting. Let me know if you devoured them too!

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  1. So I just added Ronit & Jamil to my TBR. I always love a good Romeo & Juliet retelling. And Sex Criminals, yes! Happy reading, yo.

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    1. I actually didn't like Ronit & Jamil as much as I wanted to. Sad face. But I'm the same way--I'm a sucker for a Romeo & Juliet retelling. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I haven't read any of these, but The Star Touched Queen is on my TBR.
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