Shades of Magic Trilogy by V.E. Schwab


There was a lot riding on this series for me. One of my good friends was desperate for me to read it; it is one of her all time favorite series. And while I wanted to read it, and owned the first one, I was hesitant. I didn't want to be disappointed. But I dove in anyway, and luckily, I really enjoyed it. The characters are dynamic and interesting, and THE SHIPS. Seriously. My shipper heart exploded about 4,813 times across the three books.

Here are some of the major things I LOVED:

- Holland: I think he deserves his own damn bullet point because he is the love of my life (one of the many). I loved how morally gray he was; he always thought he was making the best decision for his world, even if it was horrible and murderous. How could I not love that?

- Diversity: This cast of misfits was overflowing with diversity, and I loved it. The fantasy genre as a whole is supremely whitewashed, and it was a nice breath of fresh air. I am so happy that diversity of race and sexuality is slowly becoming more common and not unique. And though still have so much farther to go, I know we are making some progress.

- World Building: I loved this Grey/White/Black/Red London world. It was simple, but still thorough and believable. It was easy to swallow, if that makes any sense. It wasn't trying to be too much. It just was the world and it was quickly laid in front of the reader, then slowly built upon.

- Alucard/Rhy 4ever: I loved Kell/Lila, sure. But holy moly did I ship Alucard and Rhy. They had the tragic past, the unmistakable tension that just got me right in the heart.

- The Magic: Last but not least. I loved the magic in this world. Half time travel/Apparition and half badass fighting powers. The magic was something to be cherished, something that only a few had. Some wanted to steal it, sure, but most respected it and those that had it. I liked that aspect; it felt unique to this story.

Overall, I highly recommend this series. It's diverse, easily digestable, and action-packed.

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