Top Ten Tuesday: June 27th


I've read some really good books this year. Which is good, because I've had some disappointments too. But each wonderful book was unique and powerful and sometimes adorable. Beware: It's mostly tragedy below. I love being broken by books. Let me know if you loved them too--or even if you hated them. And let me know which books you've loved this year.

Heartbreaking, honest, and unforgettable. I devoured it less than three hours.

I enjoyed this collection even more than the first. I love the plot progression and the development of characters. I also ship Archie/Betty so hard, and I need them back together. On the whole, this new run reminds me of why I loved Classic Archie when I was a kid, but it's more modern and believable. Also, if you aren't watching Riverdale,change that IMMEDIATELY.

The book focuses on the complicated relationship Sherman Alexie had with his mother, his family, his tribe, his culture, his identity. It was relevant and a revelation.

I honestly don't know if I've ever related to a character as much as I relate to Molly. But the secondary characters, the romance, the writing, the comedy, the romance, the diverse cast, the sister relationship, and oh, THE ROMANCE, are impeccable too.

I ended up loving it WAY MORE than I anticipated. It was incredible. My favorite stories were Nothing But Shadows and Born to Endless Night.

This was just SOOO ADORABLE. And not just the romance, but everything. And I loved Lily. She was weird in a really authentic way.

SOOOOO WONDERFUL. I couldn't put it down. It was full of powerful characters and captivating stories. Also, Shahrzad and Khalid 4ever.

Julian is the love of my life. And everything else was pretty damn incredible. A wonderful addition to the Shadowhunter world. I can't wait to see what happens in this series.

This is raw and heart wrenching and poetic. It's 250 pages of tragic wonderfulness.

I expected to like this. But I didn't expect to sob my face off like I did. It's just so incredible, and has a lot of important messages about grief, acceptance, and finding your own path in the world.

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  1. Looks like you've read some spectacular books so far this year!!

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week:

  2. Great list! We had Lady Midnight on our list too. Our TTT


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