Alienated by Melissa Landers


I'd been interested in reading this book since about two months before it came out. But yesterday, I bought it on a whim--trying to make up for my last disastrous on a whim purchase: Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern.

And this book definitely made up for it.

Cara, the protagonist, was completely personable and wickedly clever. She was the Queen of Sass, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and she was loyal to both her family and her principles. The more chaotic her town gets, rebelling against Aelyx (the exchange student) and the L'eihrs (the alien species), the more she fights for what is right. Of course, some of that has to do with the slow love she develops for Aelyx.

To be honest, I'm a complete sucker for romances, especially ones that take a while before anything actually happens, letting the tension build. I love me some tension building! And Alienated did exactly that. Aelyx and Cara slowly get to know each other and Cara learns more about what life is like for Aelyx on his planet. And of course, the more they learn about each other, the more they fall for each other. L'eihrs are a cold, emotionless species but being around Cara makes Aelyx feel more than he could ever have felt without her. And Cara finally finds someone who is good for her and makes her feel a connection stronger than anything she could have ever imagined.

Of course, there was a lot of cheese in this book, about the L'eihr culture and surrounding the romance. Plus, the idea that there is an alien species out there who's DNA is almost identical to our own is completely unrealistic. But those aspects didn't really matter to me. It was an adorable, fast, interesting read and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL! WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT EIGHT MONTHS!?

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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