The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu


I found this book while creeping around on Amazon at work (which is part of my job, sort of) and thought it sounded incredibly interesting. Learning about a person from four different people, all of which aren't the actual person, seems like a common truth in high school. You hear rumors about people and rarely do hear it from the mouth of the person the rumor is about. High School, gotta love it! (sarcasm)

The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu did exactly what I hoped it would. I learned about how big of a "slut" Alice was from a number of people and slowly, and enticingly, discovered how each one of them created the lies that turned her into a murdering "slut".

Elaine was the cliche popular bitch who spread every rumor she could about Alice because of a grudge she'd been holding onto since the eighth grade dance where Alice made out with Brandon in a closet. Josh was Brandon's best friend, who also seemed to have more than platonic feelings for him, though the book never outright said it, who told everyone that Brandon was sexting Alice when the two of them were in the car crash that killed Brandon. Kelsie was Alice's ex-best friend who wrote a blatant lie in a bathroom stall, starting the "Slut Stall" that girls used to write a plethora of bad and false things about a girl that didn't deserve it and who they didn't even know. And lastly, Kurt, who was Brandon's neighbor/secret friend who is the only one who doesn't talk shit about Alice, but knows the truth and doesn't tell the world that Alice is innocent.

Jennifer Mathieu wrote excellent characters, each one I hated and loved, each one more real that the next. I read books for the characters, therefore she nailed it for me. Though the book didn't have many flaws for me, it still isn't something I would read again and again. But I would definitely recommend it to someone, especially if they want a quick read! The book didn't even hit 200 pages, but it was well executed and well planned out.

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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