Delirium by Lauren Oliver


I started reading this book over a year ago and honestly, I wasn't very impressed with the first half. I quit about 250 pages in because the whole thing was plain and stale. It's a fantastic idea for a dystopian world, but like so many other books, I had believed it wasn't going to follow through. Until I picked it up again. Apparently, I quit at the worst possible moment because it got incredibly interesting when I started reading it again.

However, I shouldn't have to read over 60% of a book before it gets my attention; especially when the book is over 400 pages.

Lena both pissed me off and made me smile; sometimes she plays the "all I can do is swoon over boys!" route and it's slightly annoying and cliche; but sometimes she kicks ass and is willing to risk her entire future to stand up for her beliefs.

And yeah, I give Lena credit because Alex was pretty swoon worthy. The typical YA heart-throb with a crooked smile and perfect hair.

The ending was so incredibly nail-biter-esque so I'm so happy I bought Pandemonium back when I bought the first one.

My Rating: ★ ★ ★

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