Dualed by Elise Chapman


I bought this book the day it came out. I drove to my local B&N and picked up this bad boy. And that was February of last year. So...it took me a year and four months to read this book. Which right away is an indication that I didn't enjoy it too much.

I read the Amazon description while at work one day and I thought it sounded incredibly interesting. So I bought it and started reading it...and about fifty pages into the story, it went in a direction that was totally unnecessary. When you have an awesome plot--once you reach a certain age you have to kill a duplicate of yourself in order to live in society--you shouldn't add some other random sub-plot that complicates everything ten times over! Especially when sub-plot is unnecessary drama and completely stupid; the plot is already complicated enough, why at to it?

Also, the book uses a literary trope that I hate, yet unfortunately, happens often. The character pushes the love interest away to "protect them". God dammit, people! If you love someone, you should protect them BY KEEPING THEM CLOSE! So, you know, you can actually protect them when something bad occurs. Idiots.

In the end, this book just fell flat. It's not that it wasn't well written or that the characters weren't interesting, it was that the plot with so much potential became boring and cliche. Which, with a plot outline like this, shouldn't have happen.

My Rating: ★ ★

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