Defy by Sara B. Larson


Woah, guys. Woah. I bought this book on a whim in January because it sounded like perfect book for me. Sword fighting? Check. Bad-ass chick pretending to be a dude? Check. Adorable romance? Check, Check, Check. (Yes, I am one of the few people on Goodreads that looooooooves love triangles.) However, after all of the bad reviews I read about it, I was putting off reading it. I was expecting to hate it, actually. But I finally decided to go ahead and try it. And it was awesome.

In Defy, Alex (Alexa) has been pretending to be a guy for three years. When her parents were killed and her village was attacked, it was the only option if she didn't want to be placed into a breeding house--forced to birth soldiers for the war with Blevon that has no end in sight. Now she's a soldier in the Prince's Guard, protecting him from assassination attempts.

But when a sorcerer, too powerful to defeat, captures Prince Damian, he takes along Alex and her good friend and fellow guard Rylan. Deep in the jungle, she discovers the secret of her identity was never much of a secret at all to Prince Damian and Rylan--who seem to have more than friendly feelings for her. And soon she realizes that what she has always believed about her life and her land isn't actually true; and she has more power that she could have ever imagined.

I loved this book. I wasn't expecting something that would change my life, just a book that would be fun and romance-y. And this Defy definitely was. It was fluffy and fantastical and well-written. Alexa was relatable and strong. She had lived a hard life and wasn't some "girl" that ran away from trouble. She fought it--literally. She is the best fighter in the Prince's guard. She kicked ass and took names.

And the love triangle was awesome. Prince Damian was not only swoon worthy, but powerful, and a fighter just like Alex. They had so much in common, though they lived such different lives. And Rylan was the quintessential best friend who had feelings for Alexa and she didn't even know it. He was willing to risk his life for her and isn't afraid to tell her exactly how much he cares. Though I am Team Damian all the way, they are both great choices.

I can't wait for the next book. I am going to devour it.

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