Reckless by Priscilla West


I almost DNF this book about four different times.

What sounded like a promising plot (bad boy romance, inexplicable chemistry, sexy times) was a big disappointment.

Riley is an accountant who has a knack for the bad boys. When she was in college, she was severely burned by a good boy and ever since she's gone for bad boys; they are predictable--you don't need to protect your heart if you don't put it out there. And when she unexpectedly witnesses rock god Jax in action, she knows he would be exactly the one night stand she's looking for.

Of course, things don't always work out like they should. Riley leaves Jax wanting more and expects to never see him again. But the next day she discovers the new job she was assigned as an on-the-road accountant with an up-and-coming band is his band. Two weeks on the road with a man who pushes her buttons, and soon, burrows his way into her heart.

I'm going to take a cue from John Green, and from now on when I'm exasperated or angry about something I'm going to exclaim a phrase created by combining a way to cook something and a disease. So, SAUTEED CHOLERA! This was my eighth (eighth!!) New Adult or Erotica book in a row that has left me unsatisfied. Reckless by Priscilla West was so completely full of cliches it was hard to read. So hard to read, in fact, I almost stopped. FOUR TIMES. It's a miracle I finished it. I read it so quickly, just hoping it would get better, but it never did. It just added more and more cliches.

A big problem I had with this novel was Jax. Sure, he was "sexy" or whatever; a typical swoon worthy NA bad boy. But the actions he did that were supposed to be sexy (and they were sexy to Riley) were just completely...terrible. It felt like they were assaulting me. In particular, something he did on more than one occasion, was whip it out and either flash Riley or start going to town on himself. Like, when did that become appropriate and sexy? Just masturbating or flashing a girl in non-seductive, inappropriate situations? What the hell?

And Riley just pissed me off. She fell for all this bullshit and completely liked it. And then, when she discovered that Jax had some issues in his past that he didn't want to discuss, she kept on pushing and forcing him to; she literally gave him an ultimatum. I didn't think I had to explain this to anybody, but if someone has a past that's so dark it's physically painful to talk about you shouldn't force them. Unless you are a trained professional. But she thought that she deserved to know the information. And to top it off, THEY HAD ONLY KNOWN EACH OTHER FOR A WEEK!

The plot flowed so predictably and moronically, and there were some scenes where I was laughing out loud because they were so ludicrous. In particular, the ice cream scene. Jax gets his ice cream cone destroyed because he's squirted with a water gun (seriously, I could not make this shit up) and he pushes his band mate in the pool because he's so furious. You find out later, in a 22 year old flash back why he got so angry (really, a flashback? Was that really necessary, Priscilla West?), but it was the stupidest catalyst known to man.

All I can say to you is this: avoid this book like the plague.

And please, please, please, someone recommend me a good New Adult novel. Reading Reckless has practically made me lose faith in the entire genre.

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