Frigid by J. Lynn


Frigid by J. Lynn aka Jennifer Armentrout had everything you would expect from a New Adult novel: romance, drama and general cuteness. And maybe that was the problem.

Sydney has been in love with her best friend Kyler since she was a kid. And as they grew up together, she's watched him choose other girls over and over again. So she loves him from afar, even though she knows he will never return her feelings.

Now, it's the winter break before their senior year of college, and Kyler and Sydney and some of their closest friends are headed to Kyler's cabin for a five day ski resort trip. But several hours after their arrival, a snowstorm blows through, stranding their friends and forcing the two of them to be alone in this house together. Sydney, more than ever, can't seem to hide her emotions anymore. But is she willing to risk her friendship? And could it be possible that Kyler has loved her all along?

New Adult novels are predictable. It's part of their charm and really, just a part of the genre as a whole. You know the two main characters will end up together. But it's the way they fall together that makes or breaks the novel. And while I really enjoyed how Kyler and Sydney got together, it was a little dramatic--maybe even a tad unrealistic. However, there was something about this book that just made me not like it as much as some.

And that something, I'm 99% sure, was the drama. While they are in this cabin, which already has enough drama on its own, these mysterious and dangerous things begin to happen. Sydney almost gets run over by a snowmobile, someone shoots out one of their windows, and someone cuts their power.This drama just felt really unnecessary. And yeah, in the end, it did have a point in the plot progression, but the plot would have been just fine without it. It was too much and it took me out of the story.

Also, what has made many New Adult novels for me in the past, was the writing. And Jennifer L. Armentrout, though awesome, her writing isn't amazing. It's fine, mediocre, and perfect for most of her stories, but not incredible.

In the end, Frigid was a fine, but definitely doesn't make it to my favorites list.

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