The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines


The Vincent Boys wasn't the best New Adult book I've ever read, but I didn't hate it. So I guess that's something.

Since she was a kid, Ashton was stuck between the two Vincent boys. They were three peas in a pod. Ash and Beau were the trouble makers, while Sawyer cleaned up their messes. But as soon as they hit puberty, Sawyer began to notice her as more than just one of the guys, while Beau...didn't.

Flash forward and it's the summer before their senior year. Ash has been busy acting like the perfect girlfriend for Sawyer, who's everyone's golden boy; while Beau is the bad boy from the trailer park that the whole town looks down on. But Sawyer's gone for the summer, and Beau and Ash can't help but spend more time together than they have in years. And emotions neither one of them wanted to admit start to reveal themselves. But what about Sawyer?

This story was so incredibly predictable that it was a little boring. They both knew they shouldn't be together behind Sawyer's back, but they loved each other too much to stop themselves. Kinda, super douche-y. But hey, I've always been a fan of the risque/forbidden love story. However, this story wasn't a good example. The characters were blah, the plot progression was blah, and the writing was blah-squared.

Actually, I think the writing was the worse part about this book. The author needed a better copy editor. The author would say something that the character was feeling, and then literally three sentences later she would say the exact same thing but rephrase it a tiny bit. It was annoying. And it happened about thirty different times throughout the novel.

And honestly, Beau wasn't anything to write home about. If I'm reading a New Adult novel, I expect the guy to be swoon worthy. But Beau was fine. Nothing special at all--though he was way better than Sawyer. Don't know how she ever chose him.

So, yeah, I'm gonna have to pass on the sequel. I don't care enough about Sawyer to want to read an entire novel about him and his new love.

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