The Young Elites by Marie Lu


I like the Legend series; it is solid, but not exactly world altering. But wow. Holy freakin' wow. This book was a hundred times better.

Ten years ago a deadly fever swept through the world, killing most of the infected. But the small few, the children, that survived are left with markings and called malfettos. And a few are left with strange powers--which they call Young Elites. Adelina Amouteru was one the victims, and now has silver hair and a scar where one of her eyes used to be. Her father hates her for being marked, and believes she is a Young Elites and has tortured her because of it, though she has never shown powers of any kind. But the one night that she fights back against his abuse, Adelina discovers that she has something dark and powerful inside herself, something that could change her whole world.

Adelina gets swept into the world of the Dagger Society--a group of malfettos, Young Elites, that are unbelievably unique and powerful and are fighting against the injustice that has been brought against all the marked victims. Enzo, their leader, saves others like him from the Inquisition Axis, the army of the king that hunts Young Elites. And with the help of Enzo, Adelina discovers that her abilities may be far stronger than any of the others. But the darkness that has been brewing inside her, inside her powers, may be too strong for her to control.

This book was practically flawless. The characters, the setting, the darkness, the plot progression, all of it was incredible. Adelina has this darkness inside of her, a darkness that her father nurtured her entire childhood, and it's dying to get out. She was so relatable, yet completely terrifying. I loved her. The character development, or at least the more we learned about her, was what really set this novel apart.

The romance was subtle, but very memorable. Of course, I love romance, and I always want more, but the small amount fit the story really well.

It was all seamless, I'm having trouble pointing out the exact moments or aspects that made me love it so much. But I loved the Dagger Society scenes. They were unique and interesting, I just wished I had more of them. I was furious with the ending though. It was mean, though very well written and made perfect sense. But I'm hoping for the best with the next book.

And speaking of the next book, I don't want to wait! I want it in my hands!!!!

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