Unteachable by Leah Raeder


In an increasingly popular genre like New Adult, it's tough to find true gems. But Unteachable had enough forbidden love and spice to catch and keep my attention. But unlike other New Adult novels, what put this one over the top was the writing.

Maise has some obvious Dad issues, issues that she herself knows better than anyone. But she can't help herself; for the last several years she's only been interested older men, up to twice her age--once even thrice her age. They are more sexually experienced and give her more pleasure than those puny teenagers. But when she meets a man at the fair one night, the night before her senior year of high school, she is enthralled by more than his age. From the second their lips touch, she can feel something different, something she has never felt before. Their heated hook-up isn't just about pleasure, it's about an emotion she can't even begin to understand or comprehend.

But Maise bolts the second it ends, with lead in the pit of her stomach. She knows full well she's leaving a good thing, and if she's never stuck around before, she can't help but be sad that she'll never see him again. Which is why when she walks into class and discovers that Evan, the car hook-up, is actually Mr. Wilke--her new film teacher, she's both terrified and inexplicably happy. She knows she should bolt again, but there's something about Evan that she can't deny. And is she willing to risk both of their futures to be with him.

I am a HUGE fan of forbidden love stories. So I've had my eye on this book since I discovered it a month ago. And with a crazy, stressful week of school, I needed something smut-tastic to wipe my mind clean. I couldn't have chosen better. It was sexy as hell, with more sex scenes than the average New Adult novel--which I loved. The author wasn't afraid, that's for sure.

But what really shocked me about this novel was the writing. It was beautifully written. A lot of the time when you are reading a romance or smut novel, you compromise on the writing. It's just not important or what the novel is really focused on. But damn, the author did not do that one bit. She wrote it sounding like a teenager, yet interwove spellbinding metaphors and similes and sentences. It was incredible. And I officially want to read everything she will ever write.

I was, however, immensely worried about the ending. It really kept me on the edge of my seat, almost to the point that I was seeing red--which I didn't really like. But what I did like was that it didn't have this explosion where they got in trouble, because that's expected from a Teacher/Student romance novel.

It was a solid New Adult book that I will definitely read again.

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