Ask the Passengers by A.S. King


A powerful, moving, hilarious novel about a girl struggling with her sexuality and her family.

Astrid likes to send her love into the air, to the passengers in every plane that passes over her head while she lies on the picnic table she made with her father. And she asks them her most personal questions; questions she can't ask her critical mother or her stoner father or her gay best friend who's secret she's been keeping. About life and her family; and about the girl she might be falling for.

Astrid is pressured by her family and her friends and her girlfriend to tell the truth, but all she feels is another person's opinions being pushed on her and she's sick of it. So she talks to the passengers, hoping she somehow can help them even though she can't seem to help herself. But little does she know, her love is having profound effects on those people in the sky.

This book is just another example of how incredible a writer A.S. King is. She's one of the greats of YA literature, yet she isn't as well known as Rainbow Rowell or John Green. But her work is phenomenal. I've said this before and I'll say it again, she has some of the most honest, true portrayals of a teenagers I've ever read. She just gets them, and it's amazing to read her characters.

I don't read a lot of LGBTQ literature because I like when I can relate to the main character, and it's harder to me to relate to gay or lesbian characters because I haven't experienced the same emotions or had the questions that they've had about their sexuality--which is usually what the whole novel is centered around. But Astrid is a character everyone in the world can relate to. Sure, she's struggling with her sexuality, but she's also struggling with her family and her friends and the pressure of her small town. Luckily, she has an incredible, dry sense of humor that helps her get through even the toughest times. She's smart and kind and a good friend; just an all around awesome character with a strong voice.

And I loved the mystical element. A.S. King loves adding little plot points in her novels about the connection between humans, far and near, alive or dead. They are fun and very real, no matter if something like that is possible or not.

I have no complaints about this book at all. I would recommend it to everyone, whether or not you are struggling with your sexuality. It's a honest novel with impeccable plot progression and characters.

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