Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick


Not the worst book I've ever read, but it was an amusing novel with MANY flaws.

Britt has been preparing for months to go on a forty-mile hike in the Grand Tetons for Spring break with her best friend, Korbie. But when they are only an hour away from Korbie's family cabin, it begins to pour. And then blizzard. Korbie and Britt abandon their car and begin to search for shelter or help.

What they come across are two criminals on the run. They are instantly taken hostage, and Britt is forced to lead these criminals off the mountain. Britt is terrified, but she has faith that Calvin, her ex-boyfriend and Korbie's brother, who they were meeting at the cabin, will find her. And then she finds herself oddly attracted to one of her kidnappers, she is even more confused and scared. But on the run, she's discovers a string of murders that have all happened in this forest. And she could be next.

Okay, from the description alone, this book sounds like a total shit show. Blizzards and hostages and frenemies and murder plots and betrayal and Stockholm syndrome. And it was a shit show--but an amusing one.

Britt was kind of an annoying character that used the "damsel in distress" guilt trip with her friends, family and ex-boyfriend, so much that she became one. But being dumped by Calvin helped her believe that maybe she needs to stand on her own. I can't say she was the best friend in the world, because she wasn't. She and Korbie were constantly in competition over bullshit things, just to be the better one. But Korbie was just completely unlikable at all, so I found myself having more sympathy for Britt.

The romance between Britt and Ace/Mason/Jude in the novel was pretty interesting, but unbelievable. She falls in love in four days. With her kidnapper. I'm pretty sure for legitimate Stockholm Syndrome to happen it has to be more than that--which why their affection seemed more natural. They had met before the whole kidnapping thing, and it was obvious from the beginning that he didn't want to be apart of the shit-storm he found himself in with Shaun, the main kidnapper. But still. This guy is forcing her to stay in the woods in a snowstorm just so he can evade the cops. I think it might be a tad difficult to fall in love in that situation. I'd be pissed as hell.

I had a problem with the writing, too. Often, the characters would just explain everything that they were feeling and explanations on why they were feeling these emotion--like damn psychologists. It felt really unnatural and it didn't leave any thinking or interpretation for the reader to do. So yeah. Zero brain power was used consuming this novel.

The shocker climax was a fun twist, but it was one that I saw coming. There were subtle hints from the very beginning of the novel, and it just made sense to me that if she was gonna fall in love with Jude, that this would be the conclusion.

I don't think that I'll ever read this book again in my life, but it wasn't bad enough that I regret reading it. I think it is fun and entertaining read if you can past the improbabilities like I did.

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