Champion by Marie Lu


This was a relatively satisfying conclusion to a pretty solid series.

Day and June have now been apart for five months. Day is in California, hiding his illness, the one that will kill him in less than two months; as well as getting help for his brother, Eden. June is one of the three Princeps-Elects, right hand to the Elector himself, Anden.

But they are reunited again when the Republic once again receives a threat of war. A mutated plague has spread in the Colonies, and they believe the Republic is responsible--and they are ready fight if they aren't provided with a cure. Eden might be the only hope they have for survival, but Day is sick of losing the ones he loves. And he's done running from anyone. Even June.

This series was a pretty solid one from the very beginning. Was it my favorite? No. But I bought them all shortly after they came out, eagerly. But this book wasn't what I wanted it to be.

First of all, it felt like a new series entirely. And by that, I mean this book had a completely new plot compared to the other two. It felt like the beginning of a series, not like the end. I liked the plot progression, generally, but still. It's the idea that was a little shaky. The plague was already played out in the first one, why relive it?

But I pretty much hated the ending. It was stupid. Why June did that, I don't know. But it made me thoroughly pissed off, and frankly, it was selfish. I understand that she thought she was doing Day a favor, but really, she was taking away his choice. I'm being vague and unspoiler-y on purpose, but my point is that it was dumb and mean and I hated it.

In the end, this series was a fun one to read, but I think her Young Elites series is already an improvement and there's only been one book.

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