100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith


This novel was pretty incredible, and honestly, I thought it was just as good as Winger.

Finn Easton is not the character in his father's bestselling novel--no matter how similar they might seem. Finn is a epileptic, awkward, bashful boy who is not ready for sex, even if everyone else is, and who thinks in distance instead of time. But when he meets Julia Bishop, his whole life begins to shape. He has the opportunity to become someone other than a character in a book.

But when Julia moves away, Finn is lost. He isn't sure of the person he is, a character in a book or otherwise. So he and his over-the-top best friend Cade, go on a road-trip to visit their future college in the hopes of a new beginning. But things don't always work out they way you expect them to, and soon, the two boys find themselves in a situation where they have to stop thinking about themselves, and save someone else.

This book was hilarious. Laugh out loud, can't-read-because-your-eyes-are-watering, stomach cramps hilarious. The banter between Cade and Finn was witty and magnificent. Some of the best written repartee I've read in a long time. It was natural, but obviously well thought out. Andrew Smith, I bow down to you again, because you've outdone yourself with the dialogue in this puppy.

Cade and Finn individually were incredible characters as well. Cade was funny but caring; Finn was smart and unique. Both were kind and fantastic to read about. Everything about Finn was spectacular and intricate. I feel like it must have taken years to perfect his personality. He was that well written. And Cade was the comic relief everyone needs in their life, and I wish he existed in mine.

I really loved the plot progression in this novel as well. Everything was planned perfectly, and though sometimes I wasn't sure what the purpose of a scene was, it always fit in. Almost magically so. It was amazing, and again, another facet of the talented Andrew Smith.

There were a couple slow parts, but in general, this book was really good and it only takes a couple hours to read. Check it out.

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