This is a meme where I choose what actors I would love to play the main characters in a particular YA book or series! For my first post, I've decided to choose one of my favorite series still currently being published: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

So here are the actors I would want, or actors that look similar to the characters in my head.

Linh Cinder: Zhang Ziyi. She might be a little older nowadays, but I think of Cinder looking like Zhang Ziyi did in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, like in the image below. She looks innocent enough to begin with, but can turn it on and look like a badass--just like Cinder.

Emperor Kai: Christopher Sean. If you haven't seen The Lizzie Bennett Diaries on Youtube, then your life is extemely empty. But anyway, when Kai was first introduced in Cinder, this actor immediately came to my mind and he hasn't left since. He has a smile that could rule a nation, that's for sure.

Scarlet: Jane Levy. I picture Scarlet looking similar to Jane Levy, except with even curlier hair, like Merida hair.

Wolf: Craig Horner. I wanted a guy who looked a little rough around the edges. And while this guy isn't exactly what I wanted, it's close enough. Of course, Wolf has a little more desperation and sorrow in his life than this guy.

Captain Thorne: Max Irons. It was really difficult for me to think of an actor I believe to look like Thorne to me. He's one of my favorite characters, and his personality is so fresh and hilarious. I think Max Irons is the closest looking, but like I said, he's not quite perfect.

Cress: Elle Fanning. I picked an actress who looked innocent, and could easily pull of annoyed and flustered and VOILA! Elle Fanning.

So here's my list! It isn't perfect, but it's close enough!

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