Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher


Wow. Wowie wow. This book kept me intrigued and desperate for more for all one hundred and fifty pages of it.

Charlie and Silas have no memories of their lives. They know lyrics to songs, state capitals, and how to drive, but anything surrounding their personal lives is...non-existent. As they struggle to make sense of their surroundings, each fact they discover about the lives they lived before this lapse, makes them hate who they used to be. They were mean, selfish people, but they loved each other fiercely. Nothing logical can explain what happened to them, or why they were forbidden to see each other, why their families despise one another. But what they don't expect to discover, is that maybe this loss of memory isn't new. Maybe it's happened before.

The description on Goodreads and Amazon for this book leaves a lot to be desired. You go into the story blank--which I assume in the point. You uncover facts about the novel and plot progression as the characters do; there is no room for conjecture. And I really liked that.

Despite the shallow facts we learn about Silas and Charlie's personalities before their memory loss, I really liked them afterward--especially Silas. He didn't remember a single thing about Charlie, but that didn't matter to him--he loved her. He knew in bones that they were meant to be, and he was determined to prove it to her. It was very swoon-worthy.

BUT THAT ENDING WAS PLAIN MEAN!!!! Especially because there is no indication of when the next book is going to come out. I'm so freakin' nervous and excited!! But also, I wish the reader received more information; we basically learned nothing about why they lost their memories.

Everyone should check out this book. It takes an hour to read and is a fun, fascinating novella.

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