Saga, Volume 2 by Brian K. Vaughan


This was a bad-ass continuation of a thrilling graphic novel series that has my absolute attention.

Saga, Volume 2 picks up right where the first Volume ended; Hazel is introduced to her grandparents and The Will is still after Alana and Marko--as well as Prince Robot IV. We get our first introduction of Gwen, Marko's ex-fiancee, who teams up with The Will to save the slave girl he tried to rescue in the last volume. And we discover that IV might be closer to finding the gang than anyone else in the story.

This graphic novel series is so awesome. Like I said in my review of the first Volume, I don't read graphic novels very often, but I really enjoy this series. It may have more naked people than I would prefer, but it's enjoyable as hell and immensely funny. Hazel's voice is both hilarious and thoughtful, and I like that we can infer that she, at least, makes it through this war.

It's hard for me to give graphic novels more than three stars because I don't really feel qualified to rate them. I don't read them enough to be an expert because they just aren't what I prefer to read. But just because it's three stars, doesn't mean it wasn't awesome and you shouldn't check it out. It just means I'm not a graphic novel aficionado.

I can't wait to discover how this whole story pans out. And I have little to no clue how it will.

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