September: Monthly Wrap Up! (And Looking Ahead at October)


Okay, so. I didn't have as good of a month as I wanted to. But was decent, and I can't change the past. Moving forward onto October, I will have to kick ass--and that shouldn't be hard, considering the awesome pubs that are coming out. But more on that later.

Eight books is the perfect amount. It's not too much money spent or adding to my TBR so much that it makes me feel guilty, but it's enough to make me happy. And technically I did break even, because though I only read seven books, I had already read 99 Days. So I call that a win.

P.S. The above picture doesn't have all of the books I read, but it has most of them. Extenuating circumstances have prevented me from including all of them (aka my friend is borrowing The Light Between Oceans and I read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda via audiobook as well so I can't include them both).

Crown of Midnight: I hadn't I reread this sequel before, and I liked even more than I remembered. ★★★★
Heir of Fire: This was actually my first time reading this! I know, I know. It's a damn shame. I'm just glad I got to it eventually, because it was really spectacular. ★★★★
Queen of Shadows: While the other books in this series are good--great, even--this book is a damn miracle. It was so dynamic and complex. The other novels lack that, just a little bit. I fell in love with Aelin and her badassness and I am so excited to see what happens next. Even though I'm dragging my feet with Empire of Storms. ★★★★★
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda: This was such a surprise. I thought the plot sounded interesting, but still. It was marvelous. Simon was an unforgettable character and I shipped him and Blue so damn much. ★★★★
When We Collided: What a train wreck. I'm sorry, and I know I am one of the few, but I did not like this book. Jonah was a boring pushover and Vivi was a selfish shrew. Hard pass. Emery Lord and I officially do not mesh. ★
The Light Between Oceans: An adult book that I actually found the courage to read and really enjoyed. That doesn't happen often, so I'm going to bask in the glory. It's a heartbreaking, honest novel of family and relationships. ★★★★
Where Things Come Back: OH MY GOD. Magnficient. Simply magnificent. A wonderful narration and complex, interesting characters and story. The voice was so strong and I am in love. ★★★★★

So here is where I am in my reading challenge:

I'm okay with this, but I wish it was better. I wanted to get caught up this month. Obviously that didn't happen, so I intend to get caught up this month. Again.

Here are the new pubs I am desperate for:

There aren't as many books that I am interested in, but it's the month for my most anticpated read of the year--nay. Of the last few years. And that is Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil. Melina Marchetta is my hero and I am desperate to read this.

Other than the new pubs, below is my TBR books that I already own. Odds are I won't read half of them because I'll get distracted by other things, but that's the #storyofmylife and I accept it.

There ya go! My September reads and October plans. Hopefully, it's going to be a solid month of reading. I could use it. Let me know what your plans are or some of your most anticipated new pubs!

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