Top Ten Tuesday: October 4th


I don't read a lot of fantasy or sci-fi, which is where most villains come about; and in most of the fantasy and sci-fi books I do read, there isn't just one villain but a race of bad people. And in the contemporary books I read, they are issue-based and don't often have a "villain." So it's a very narrow topic for me. So I decided to complete a Top Five, and pick the evilest, most compelling, favorite villains. It should be fun.

Oooh, he's a bad man. We all know that. What kind of sick assface murders kids to keep his people in line? It's a realistic travesty and it is so heartbreaking. In the end, he got what he deserved, but it was rough there for a while.

Voldemort is a puppy compared to this woman. Voldemort is a villain, sure, and he wants to rule the world. But Umbridge has no reason to be a cruel. She is just cruel down to her core and takes it out on children.

King Leck is an abusive tyrant, who murdered everyone who disobeyed him. And not only that. He used his Grace, his magic, to control the entire population. He fogged their minds, so years have passed with no memories at all. He was a compelling, evil man.

This woman is pure revenge. She doesn't have a single kind bone in her body anymore--and we learned that after reading Fairest. She just wants to rule the galaxy. Killing everyone in her way, even if they are related to her, even if she is in love with them.

Another person who wants to rule the world, and change it into the place he wants. A place of demons and monsters. But he also wants to watch the world burn. He wants friends to betray friends, and family to think they are in love with each other. It's creepy and diabolical and evil.

I love villains. They can evoke so much emotion from a reader. I just don't read too many books that involve villains. But please, let me know your favorite villains and I'll have to add them to my never-ending TBR list.

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  1. Great Top Ten! :D
    I hated President Snow's guts! I couldn't wait for him to kill over!
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

  2. President Snow, ugh that guy gave me the creeps reading The Hunger Games series. And thank you for the reminder of why I hated Umbridge - its been a while since I read Harry potter. I really need to fix that!

  3. Good list, I totally forgot just how evil Queen Levena was and now I regret not putting her on my list.


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