Top Ten Tuesday: October 11th


I actually have a hard time reading recommendations. I look at my own TBR pile of books I found and want to read (and maybe have already bought) and I want to read those. But sometimes a fellow blogger reads a book that I haven't discovered on my own and writes a glowing review, and I just can't help myself. I have to read it. Below are some of the books I have read based on other bloggers. And most of them I really enjoyed or even loved. So maybe I should do this more often...damn. My TBR pile is never gonna get smaller, is it?

Adorable hate-to-love romance. One of my favorite romance tropes. Plus it was a Romeo & Juliet retelling. I can't deny those. ★★★★

Now, this one I wasn't a big fan of. It was 400+ pages of boringness. ★★

This is a book that would have never been on my radar. But damn, it was marvelous. A badass girl fighting for what's right and bucking stereotypes with a cute romance to boot. ★★★★

My first Kasie West book...and it was so delightful. It's still my favorite one of hers to this day. And I may have never discovered her or this book without a fellow blogger. ★★★★

OH MY F**KING GOD, THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. One of my favorite reads of 2015. I swooned for 95% of it. ★★★★★

This book was incredible. So moving and memorable. And it's about poetry, which I have always loved. Again, one of my favorite reads of 2015. ★★★★★

What a hilarious and adorable book. I loved Simon--he was a unique and realistic character. ★★★★

Again, I would have never even looked at this book if it wasn't for a fellow blogger and friend. But this series is so addicting and fantastic. ★★★★

I liked this book...but it was completely unrealistic and insane. So many plot twists and unnecessary drama. But I guess that means it was memorable? ★★★

Very cute, but a little unoriginal. I definitely liked it though, and plan to read her other books. ★★★

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  1. Interesting list. You just sold me on three books on this list, so now my TBR is longer.
    No, your TBR will never get shorter. :D

    1. I think it's time that I just accept that my TBR will only grow, never shrink. :P Thank you for commenting!

  2. Nope, the TBR list will never, ever get shorter. It's just a fact of the book blogger life. As soon as you finish a book, you discover another one you just have to read! :)

    1. I have officially figured that out. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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