Top Ten Tuesday: September 20th


I don't listen to a lot of audiobooks. I prefer to devour my books with my eyeballs instead of my ears. But honestly, I'm trying to get into them more. I think they are a unique way to digest words. But on the downside, if the narrator isn't very good, it can ruin the book; and maybe you would have liked it more if you were reading it yourself.

Anyway, out of the few that I have listened to, there are a couple that I really enjoyed. So today I'm doing a Top Five instead of a Top Ten. I encourage you to try out the few I've listed below if you haven't already. And if you have...well...high five!

The struggle with this novel is that both the book itself and the audiobook are fascinating. The whole point of this story is that it's not just words on paper; it's emails, pictures, concealed documents, romantic drawings made from punctuation. So you want to see all the prettiness! But goddamn. Listening to it is just as incredible. The voices are so fitting and distinctive, and I am hypnotized by it all. And the cursing is f**king hilarious in the audiobook. So I found myself listening to it and reading along, like I was back in middle school. But it was totally worth it.

Celebrity narrated audiobooks can be a risk, I feel. You might decide half-way through the story that they should stick to what they are good at, and use the face that got them famous. But this book, narrated by Jesse Eisenberg, is wonderful. He has a distinct voice, but it fits Cassel to a T. I can't imagine him being narrated by anyone else.

I haven't fallen in love with an voice before...but I officially did last week upon finishing this story. Which is slightly weird, considering he is narrating a gay teen--but I'm looking past that. Michael Crouch was just...damn. Seriously. He had wonderful voice inflection and fit Simon so well. I liked it so much, that I actually listened to it before I fell asleep. Like, I got in bed, put in my headphones, and stared at my ceiling for an hour to listen to the story. That is strange as hell, but it's also proof of how good it is.

If I'm honest with myself (and I hate that this is true), more often I prefer audiobooks that are narrated by men, rather than women. But I do believe that it comes from growing up; growing up, I was read to by my grandmother and my aunts, and I was always the first to fall asleep. There is something so soothing about a female voice reading to me that I often zone out, become tired, or get bored. However, the Throne of Glass audiobooks are badass. When I was devouring this series for my reread, I listened to a chunk of each of them via audiobook, and I loved them. Elizabeth Evans has a wonderful voice for narration, and distinguishes the characters impressively. Now, excuse me while I go stalk her on Audible.

This book is magnificent. I'll start with that. But the fact that it is narrated by David Tennant is just...perfection. Who knew he could narrate a ten-year-old so well it would bring you to tears? I surely didn't, but that's what happened. He has a strong innocence that works so well with the character of Jamie, and it made the book better because of it.

Like I said earlier, I'm trying to listen to more audiobooks. So if you have any recommendations, please let me know! Especially female narrators. I need to support my girls. #feminism

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  1. I definitely want to listen to all of these, well, maybe not Illuminae. I've been seeing the Curse Works audiobooks on a lot of lists today; it must be really good! I loved the books themselves. Great list x

    Here's my TTT this week~

    1. I definitely recommend them all (obviously). And the Curse Workers was particularly good! You will like it, I'm sure. Thanks for commenting!

  2. My blog is exclusively SF&F audiobook reviews. If you check the "Got Indexes" option on my Menu bar, you can select "by Narrator."

    My TTT: "Dear Audiobook Producers: I Really Want These"

  3. All of these sound like awesome books! Here’s my TTT!

    1. They are all awesome--I swear. :D Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Love Throne of Glass!
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